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Pronouns: She/ They
Go-to Quote: "Nobody's free until everybody's free." - Fannie Lou Hamer
Favorite Color: Pink
Yum: Uncrustables While Still Frozen
Yuck: Miracle Whip, Antiblackness


If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.
— Audre Lorde

Ashleigh Shackelford (she/they) is a Black fat cultural producer, data futurist, and visual artist. Ashleigh's work focuses on Blackness, the body, healing, and afro-technology.

Ashleigh is the creator and director of Free Figure Revolution, a southern body liberation organization that empowers Black, fat, queer, and trans bodies through community initiatives and programming. She is also the project director and creator of The Fat Census and the Queer Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Survey. As a data futurist and content creator, Ashleigh curates more information to create tangible resources for vulnerable communities in addition to programming and safe spaces for marginalized bodies.

Her cultural essays and sociopolitical commentary have been published in Wear Your Voice Magazine, The Washington Post, Black Girl Dangerous, Telesur English, Buzzfeed, For Harriet, and The Feminist Wire. Nominated for the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Feminists You Should Know Award, she has managed to be a catalyst for change in feminism through actively addressing and divesting from antiblack violence.

Ashleigh is dedicated to creating a Black future in which healing and community are central to creating safety, agency, and humanity for all.


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Speaker & educator

Ashleigh has invited to speak within multiple community spaces, events, convenings, academic institutions, and conferences to discuss body liberation, healing, antiblack violence, empowerment, hoeism, and fat futures. Ashleigh's workshops, talks, and trainings include black community engagement, intersectional feminism, and body positivity workshops.

She has developed intentional and powerful content to

Additionally, Ashleigh builds a personal and accessible rapport with all audiences in order to create the most empowering, comfortable, and efficient space. The goal is always to meet uncomfortable with possibility.


Community Organizer

From highway shut downs, to community outreach - Ashleigh has cultivated radical spaces and led direct actions. She is the creator of a Southern body liberation organization, Free Figure Revolution (FreeFigure.org), based in Atlanta, GA. Ashleigh creates programming, initiatives, and healing resources within her organizing work including the curation of #TheFatCensus and the Queer Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survey.